French Writing & Translation Services

Columns and articles

Stylistic aspects

On creative writing and marketing : “Be creative, but be practical”, ITI Bulletin, Nov-Dec 2014, pp. 18-20

Les clichés en traduction: les jurons irlandais”, Traduire, revue française de la traduction, no 229 December 2013, pp. 67-80

Translation of building contracts”, Designing Buildings Wiki, December 2013.

Sociolinguistic aspects

On mother tongue, native speakers and other linguistic myths”, ITI’s Pillar box, 03 March 2014

On bilingualism and translation : “The one-way bridge”, ITI Bulletin, March-April 2014, p 31,

Technical and IT aspects 

On cohesion in translation and CAT tools : “The Bigger Picture”, ITI Bulletin, July-August 2011, pp. 26-28

Using concordancers to analyse texts : “Analyse that”, ITI Bulletin, March-April 2011, pp. 19-21 ()

Using Corpora for Specialised Translations”, ITI Bulletin, Nov-Dec 2010, pp. 18-29


An interview of Ingrid Loyau-Kenneth, the ‘Angel of Woolwich’ : “The Power of Language”, ITI Bulletin, November-December 2013, pp. 22-23

On the environmental impact of cloud computing : “The cloud in the room”, ITI Bulletin, March-April 2013, pp. 28-29