French Writing & Translation Services

Columns and articles

Stylistic aspects

On creative writing and marketing : “Be creative, but be practical”, ITI Bulletin, nov.-déc. 2014, pp. 18-20

Les clichés en traduction: les jurons irlandais”, Traduire, revue française de la traduction, n° 229, décembre 2013, pp. 67-80

Translation of building contracts”, Designing Buildings Wiki, décembre 2013.

Sociolinguistic aspects

On mother tongue, native speakers and other linguistic myths”, publié initialement sur l’ancien blog de l’Institut britannique de traduction et d’interprétation (ITI), the Pillar box, 03 mars 2014

On bilingualism and translation : “The one-way bridge”, ITI Bulletin, mars-avril 2014, p. 31,

Technical and IT aspects 

On cohesion in translation and CAT tools : “The Bigger Picture”, ITI Bulletin, juillet-août 2011, pp. 26-28

Using concordancers to analyse texts : “Analyse that”, ITI Bulletin, mars-avril 2011, pp. 19-21 ()

Using Corpora for Specialised Translations”, ITI Bulletin, nov.-déc. 2010, pp. 18-29


An interview of Ingrid Loyau-Kenneth, the ‘Angel of Woolwich’ : “The Power of Language”, ITI Bulletin, nov.-déc. 2013, pp. 22-23

On the environmental impact of cloud computing : “The cloud in the room”, ITI Bulletin, mars-avril 2013, pp. 28-29