I am based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland.

Architect Malcolm Reading, former Director of Design and Architecture at the British Council, once described it as a city of all rationality, northern sense and plain-speaking orthogonalness on the surface, with an exoticism beneath that comes through in the architecture:

Here, geology and architecture work together with a fine baroque sophistication […] This is the real Edinburgh: order and disorder struggling to accommodate each other in a distillation of the wider urban pattern, echoes of the medieval pathways and the fault lines engraved on the underlying geology

(Malcolm Reading, “My kind of Town”, Architecture Today, January 2013, p 234).

As well as benefiting from the stunning architectural context of this city, I have also got to know many of the cities, towns and magnificent landscapes of Scotland through professional meetings and CPD held by a Scottish Network of professional translators.